Dream Lands vol. 2

Nancy King &
Steve Christofferson
Dream Lands
Vol. 2

CBC Sessions

STEL 1014

1) If I Could Be With You (3:03) (Johnson-Creamer)
2) Dee Dah / This Can't Be Love (3:28) (Elmo Hope / Rodgers-Hart)
3) Midnight Sun (7:29) (Burke-Mercer-Hampton)
4) Travelin' Light (3:44) (Clare/Akst)
5) I Didn't Know What Time It Was (4:31) (Rodgers-Hart)
6) The Breeze And I (3:56) (Lecuona-Camarata)
7) Solitude (6:11) (Ellington-DeLange)
8) See You Later (6:17) (Joseph "Flip" Nunez)
9) Frankie & Johnny (2:02) (Karger-Gottlieb-Weisman)
10) St. James Infirmary (6:27) (Primrose)
11) Gypsy In My Soul (2:56) (Jaffe-Boland)
12) Tears Of Joy (6:08) (Lawrence Williams)
13) Left Alone (3:14) (Waldron-Holiday)

Dream Lands v. 2
Real Audio
Dream Lands vol. 2
Gypsy In My Soul

Left Alone

De-Dot / This Can't Be Love
Gypsy In My Soul

Left Alone

De-Dot / This Can't Be Love

Nancy King, vocals; Steve Christofferson, piano / melodica.
Tracks 1, 3, 10 were recorded on Aug. 31, 2000. Engineer: Richard Champagne.
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 11, 13 were recorded on Oct., 11, 2001. Engineer: Gary Heald.
Tracks 5, 8, 12 were recorded on Jan. 28, 1999. Engineer: Gary Heald.
"Solitude", "The Breeze And I", and "Gypsy In My Soul" mixed by Bob Stark at Kung Fu Bakery, Portland, Oregon USA
All tracks except "Frankie & Johnny" produced by Neil Ritchie and recorded at the CBC for "Jazz Beat". Executive Producer: Claire Lawrence.
Thanks to Stellar Sound Productions
For information on more Stellar Sound Productions release: www.stellarsound.net
Mastered by: Tom Washatka at Steel Moon Recording, Oshkosh, WI
For bookings, e-mail: pelagic@teleport.com
Art Direction: Kristin Baeten, Janet Planet & Stellar Sound Productions, Oshkosh, WI
Design: Kristin Baeten
Photos courtesy of Nancy King and Steve Christofferson
All rights reserved controlled and administered by BMI and ASCAP. All right reserved/used by permission. Warming: Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited by law.
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The first time I heard Nancy and Steve together, I felt as though electricity had gone through me. The interplay of Nancy's warm and knowing voice and Steve's perfectly placed chords is, to me, the epitome of that most intimate of jazz settings: the singer and the accompanist. It's so much fun to bring this music to people, first on "Jazz Beat" and now on this second "Dream Lands" session. If it's your first time hearing Nancy and Steve, congratulations! I know it won't be your last...
- Katie Malloch
Host, Jazz Beat

When Nancy and Steve asked me to write some notes for this CD I decided to dispense with the superlatives and accolades. You only have to listen to a couple of bars to know how superb they are.

What I wanted to share was the fun we have in the studio. Because the playlist features mostly ballads and songs of loss, you might assume that these sessions are solumn occasions punctuated with tears and angst. Not so, Steve and Nancy's irreverent sense of humour is impossible to suppress. As they sift through the stacks of music they bring along it's like a children's birthday party - each new tune a present they can't wait to open. I feel so lucky to be invited to the party. I call it my dream gig. Great musicians, great friends and music from the heart. Can't wait till the next session.
- Neil Ritchie
Producer, Dream Lands series

For our parents. With special thanks to Nich Anderson.
- Nancy & Steve